Recognized in the healthcare and industrial communities as a STRATEGIST, a FACILITATOR and a UNITER of leaders and visionaries, Lennard Gettz has forged countless alliances, project partnerships and joint ventures. His talent to engage with community groups and medical innovators reflects on his passion for empowering clinical trailblazers to the finish line- and the dream of making a larger difference.

Lennard started with a career in education both from the classroom and as a curriculum developer & learning counselor for the mentally challenged. "Tapping into the creative and receptive areas of the learning disabled requires a kind of right-brain approach to designing course work and the means of identifying with their obstacles... always thinking a few steps ahead while envisioning potential detours is an experience similar only a serious game of CHESS." Executing this level of strategic mapping, visual projection and fast processing of probabilities are the core disciplines that continue to define his brand of professional leadership in problem solving and project planning.

As a former college educator in communications, Lennard's academic training comprised the crafting of "lesson plans" which also aligned to his current proposal drafts and campaign designs. Structuring a road map for the "right approach" is a specialized science that is backed with passion for sound research, assembling the right team and producing targeted collateral. To date, all of Lennard's clients, partners and colleagues rely on him for his sense of follow-through and a level of uncompromising structure.


The core of any team or business partnership is finding synergistic connections, common ground and similar visions. Whether it be a creative/production team, a medical research group or a co-publishing (writing) alliance, it all comes down to building a solid NETWORK. For over 30 years, uniting like-minded professionals has been one of Lennard's most highly requested talents. He has been recognized for his tireless commitments in Chambers of Commerce and other industrial associations for producing large-scale business conferences and networking events. He also founded a lead generation and promotional firm for medical practitioners. As a professional publisher, Lennard pursued some of the most intriguing minds and innovators in areas of medicine, science and wellness. He crafted collaborative partnerships to aid in building new innovations and improved solutions. His talents as a researcher/matchmaker of caregivers provided great advantage especially to those with "out of the box" solutions and what he calls "the 2.0 project" for all difference-makers.


30+ years of collaborating with professional vendors, consultants and technical agents has proven that the success of any program is dictated by true LEADERSHIP in each member of the work chain. Synergy comes from a common bond of successfully executing the project with those who carry the spirit and the VISION to support the bigger picture.


From the ashes of 9/11 came redefining influences for so many including Lennard who chose to forge a major career upgrade toward community impact. Experiences as a volunteer responder added great reference (and inspiration) to supporting the cancer care and first responder communities through advocacy and safety education. He formed 9/11 CancerScan with retired fire service and cancer care professionals to support public awareness about cancer and to support ALL responders and victims of occupational exposures. He furthered this effort by getting clinicians involved to offer prevention and early detection initiatives under his "GET CHECKED NOW!" project. Over the years, Lennard became a massive conduit for caregivers and a trusted support system, serving patients, survivors and organizations with special resources, technical updates and nextgen empowerment.


His earliest network was The NY Caregivers Group with the tagline "...only together can we truly grow!". He maintains that philosophy today by continuing to seek out and unite experts, educators and advocates under the INTEGRATIVE CANCER RESOURCE ALLIANCE (launched in 2021). ICRA is an independent self-funded volunteer group of non-profit foundations/charities, researchers, educators, community leaders and survivors collaborating to bring new support for cancer patients and survivors. Navigated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the latest 'grand plan' of ICRA is to architect what he calls the 'BORDERLESS MEDICINE Coalition'- connecting over 15,000 professionals in critical care and cancer research within and outside the U.S.

Current achievements where Lennard's resources and technical efforts helped support their success included: F.A.C.E.S. (Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures), The Movember Foundation, The AngioFoundation, FLCCC (Front Line Covid Care Alliance), the Male Breast Cancer Coalition and the more recent research and development campaign for The "ARE YOU DENSE?" Advocacy Foundation.


"As a Med-School Dropout, I always knew I was still destined to help others- but I wanted to do this by casting a much wider net. My better senses detoured me to the world of education, research, communications and a publishing. Collectively, these skills helped me forge a program to support modern health innovators and visionaries in healthcare. I found great value in promoting the functional, the integrative and the holistic healer...one more out-of-the-box than the next, all driven to bring dedicated improvement in social wellness.

My hand in all this is by inspiring leadership in the medical community by publishing these (mostly) unsung heroes of our patient care community. This is my contribution to the future of better healthcare ... elevating their achievements, their talents and their visions-- one innovative Doc at a time!"

Throughout my profession, I have worn 'many hats' in journalism and academic publishing. My talents aligned best within the health and wellness spectrum where I continued to flourish as a producer. I have had the honor of meeting and working with some of the most brilliant visionaries in medical science and health technologies where my commitment to their legacy affirmed their global contributions into the halls of history. As with all aspiring writers, I eventually found my way to publishing newsletters, then magazines and then escalated to joining fellow writers to produce various textbooks.

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RECOMMENDATIONS (source: Linkedin)

"Lennard has commitment ... and conviction. He connects. He is creative. He has compassion ... but more, he deeply deeply cares. He has soul. He has heart. He makes magic happen...."
-- NANCY NOVACK, Founder and Executive Director of Nancy's List, Clinical Psychologist
"Lennard Gettz has been an inspiration and highly instrumental in the development of expanding our FACES Foundation and providing the resources needed to help firefighters with cancer.. he works tirelessly as an advocate and is constantly adding more resources and alliances to meet the FACES mission. I am thankful he is part of the team and inspired by his desire to help others...."
-- Lt. CHRISTOPHER CONNER, Fire Lt./Paramedic at Bedford FD
Founder/CEO F.A.C.E.S. - Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures
"I have met very few people in my life with the energy, tenacity, and honesty that this man embodies. I don’t know when he sleeps. Lennard is always on the prowl with new ideas and suggestions to make you and your business better. I spend my days working in a sensitive environment (breast Cancer advocacy). Lennard has never failed to apply his sensitive nature to the subject matter with grace and humility. He is way better than he knows!"
-- JOSEPH J. CAPPELLO, Director / Co-Founder of Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. (501c4)
"I cannot express enough kind words about working with Lennard. To collaborate and work professionally with him is also to call him a friend. He is constantly thinking of ideas on how to connect helping professionals in the health and wellness community to provide the most comprehensive resources to anyone and everyone who needs it, especially within the NYCRA community. His warmth and care is starkly apparent in all of the work and literature he presents and is quick to respond to any questions. I am grateful for this collaborative partnership with him and continued support!"
-- JESSICA A. CONNELL-GLYNN, LCSW, CPC, CEC, -Lead therapist and practice owner Confident Minds Psychotherapy and Coaching at JAG Wellness, LLC
"In just one conversation Lenn has changed my world..., I was introduced to Lenn as someone who could help us make a bigger impact and serve more people. What an understatement. In my very first conversation with Lenn, I felt like he was reading my brain and my heart. He so clearly understood the vision and challenges for our business, and offered piercing insights and solutions that will help us stretch and grow to our potential. He is intuitive, engaging and completely energized in using his knowledge and connections to make good things happen ...his enthusiasm and passion for leveraging community and collaboration to make the world a better place are contagious..."
-- BOBBI KLINE, MD, Founder of Empowering Women with Their Soul's Blueprint
"It is incredible to have the opportunity to work and collaborate with Len. He is one of the most selfless and hard-working individuals I know, and his commitment to bettering the lives of those around him is second to none. A true change-agent!"
-- GREG OLIVA, MBA, Development Manager at Movember Foundation
"Lenn is a friend and mentor who has helped our business elevate B2B and B2C marketing. He's also at the forefront of cancer awareness and prevention in the fire service. Lenn has the gift of connecting like-minded people in support of their missions, and is multi-talented, in areas like video production, social media buzz and developing networks of influencers..."
-- DAVID DACHINGER, Mind-Body Wellness and Daily Stress Tools for Cancer Patients, First Responders and Organizations